ARCHIVE - Old Testament

We've moved some of our resources from earlier in Lockdown here so that you can see them arranged by topic.  If you can't find what you're looking for do get in touch .

Old Testament Patriarchs - Abraham  to Joseph

Abraham is promised a son

Isaac and Ishmael

Abraham and Isaac

A wife for Isaac

Jacob and Esau

Jacob's Ladder

Joseph the dreamer



Jacob is tricked

Joseph's dreams come true

Moses and Joshua

Moses is born

Moses and the Burning Bush


(and plagues)

Parting the Red Sea 

Moses and the

glory of God

The Golden Calf

The Ten Commandments

Water from a rock 

Manna from heaven 

The death of Moses

Joshua the leader

Joshua - Crossing the Jordan

Joshua - Spies in the Land

The Battle of Jericho

The Time of Judges

Joshua to Judges -

Judges 4

Deborah & Jael

Judges 6
Gideon called by God

Judges 7

Gideon defeats the Midianites

Judges 13-14

Samson and the riddle

Judges 16

Samson and Delilah

A set of 4 family activity/discussion sheets and 4 printable puzzle/colouring sheets exploring the story of Ruth.

The story of Ruth

Ruth marries Boaz
Ruth 4

Ruth and Boaz
Ruth 3

Ruth in the Field

Ruth 2

Ruth and Naomi

A Bible Month mini pack

Daniel 6

Daniel 4

Daniel 3

Daniel 2

Daniel 1

The story of Daniel

A complete set of Together at Home Sunday packs

Daniel 5