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Hi, I'm Jess, I've been producing all the resources for Together at Home since we set up our Facebook group on March 17th 2020! I could never have imagined how far and how fast this project would grow but I am so encouraged that I can do something to help others during these difficult times. 


I'd love to hear any stories about how you have been able to use the resources and any suggestions for more resources so do get in touch.

Before you get in touch with a question do check the frequently asked questions below!

If you have reached this form because you have completed an Easter Trail - congratulations!

This form is for contacting Together at Home who created the trail design but you may need to use a different method to contact trail organisers :)

Thanks for submitting!


Can I use the Together at Home sheets on my church website, facebook, newsletter, youtube video, sunday school lesson, church service....???

Yes! Yes! Yes!


Please feel free to use the resources on Together at Home in any way that helps your church community.  You do not need to ask.  It is always nice to be credited as it helps others find the resources for themselves.

What programme do you use to create your resources?

I am not a graphic designer, I just use MS Word, MS PowerPoint and sometimes even Paint!  

Can I get the Sunday Packs early?

I am committed to producing and sharing Sunday packs by the end of the previous Tuesday.  This is the best I can offer as all the resources are created new each week and on top of my job as a Children and Families Worker and my business.

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