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Bible-lympics Trail


A simple trail is a great way to connect with families this summer. 
Our Bible-lympics trail has seven stations which can go in any order.


Print off two copies of this document and join them together to form a target for the David trail point.

Bible-lympics Trail poster.jpg

Download this word document and add your own information to create a trail poster.


We've teamed up with our friends at Children Changing Nations to create a sporty prayer resource.  Visit their website to see some video testimonies of children praying into the world of sport.


Tokyo 2020 has been full of amazing stories of resilience, friendship and sportsmanship.

Why not use some of these incredible stories to spark conversations about our own faith and how it impacts the way we live.


Looking for more Bible-lympics resources?
Our sister site has a range of matching resources including posters and colouring sheets with even more
Bible-lympics characters as well as syllabus materials for pre-school and primary school age groups all about running the race and living for God.

Bible-lympic Champions - Foundationstones Resources-page-001.jpg
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