Why did God allow Coronavirus?

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Why did God allow Coronavirus?

for younger children

Why did God allow Coronavirus - for youn

Find the original rainbow prayer and translations into other languages here.

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I can pray...

a thank you prayer

Dear Teacher

A resource to send love from your family to a teacher.

I can pray...

a scavenger hunt


I can pray...

a scavenger hunt


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I can pray...a scavenger hunt1-page-001.

I can pray...

a rock hunt

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I can pray...all over my house!

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Spiritual Circuit Training

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Exploring the Bible

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Colour and Pray World Map

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Handwashing prayer

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Today I am thankful for...

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Listening to God

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I can pray...shapes

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Dear Family

A resource for children and families workers

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Send some love

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Easter Story Egg Hunt

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