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A very different Christmas

There are some amazing new and creative suggestions for how we can do Christmas this year. I know that churches and church leaders will find a way but whatever we do it will be 'a very different Christmas' this year.

Before we dive into finding new and creative ways to celebrate it is alright to take a moment and grieve the traditions we cannot have this year.

This resource is to help families have those conversations with their children about how Christmas will look different this year.

A very different christmas-page-002.jpg
A very different christmas-page-001.jpg

Christingle Prayers

A resource exploring the different parts of a Christingle and a colouring/prayer sheet to print and complete.

Christingle Prayers-page-002.jpg
Christingle Prayers-page-001.jpg

Comfort and Joy

Two colour and pray sheets exploring the Advent Theme

"Comfort and Joy"


Listening to God

Listening to God-1.jpg

I can pray a... SNOW DAY!

I can pray... a snow day!-page-001.jpg

Wise Men Still Seek Him

Scavenger Hunt

Wise Men still Seek Him-page-001.jpg

Why did God allow Coronavirus?

Why did God allow coronavirus-page-001.j

Why did God allow Coronavirus?

for younger children

Why did God allow Coronavirus - for youn

New Year

 Prayer sheets


Find the original rainbow prayer and translations into other languages here.

I can pray a rainbow-1.jpg

Let your light shine

A resource full of activities and discussion starters for families wanting to be a light in the world at Halloween.

For articles and advice on talking to children about Halloween we highly recommend

Let your light shine-page-001.jpg

There are 6.5 million unpaid carers in the UK.


Why not use this Together at Home resource to help make all these incredible people feel visible and valued.


'Together at Harvest'

Exploring Harvest-page-001.jpg

Explore God's instructions about Harvest from the book of Deuteronomy

Take on the 'GRAIN' harvest challenge

Pray your way through the many different words you can spell from the letters of HARVEST with our fun prayer puzzle sheet.

Prayer for mothers


Prayer for strong women

These resources are designed to help us pray for the strong women in our lives whether you are using them for Mothering Sunday (14th March) or International Women's Day (8th March).

Mothering Sunday is a difficult time for those who have lost their mother, lost children or have unfulfilled dreams of motherhood. We've tried to create a resource that can be used to celebrate all those who love and care for others in our churches.


Send some love

Send some love-1.jpg

Dear Family

A resource for children and families workers

Dear Family-page-001.jpg

Dear Teacher

A resource to send love from your family to a teacher.

Dear Teacher-page-001.jpg

Back to school - discussion starter

Back to school-page-001.jpg

These resources are designed to help prepare children to return to school and unpack the wide range of emotions they are likely to feel in the first days and weeks back.

The Emotions Cards are designed as an A5 PDF which can be printed two cards to a page.

Emotion Cards

Emotion cards-page-005.jpg
Emotion cards-page-003.jpg

Remembering Together

A resource full of activities and discussion starters for families wanting to mark Remembrance Sunday together.

Learn about the different colours of poppy and what they represent.

Take time to complete some remembrance activities together.

Remembering Together-page-002.jpg
Remembering Together-page-001.jpg

Serving at Church

With churches in the UK returning to online meetings this month, what examples of hospitality and service will we miss seeing each week while we can't meet in Church buildings? 


How can we recreate these examples of service for our children each week?

This resource helps families think about the roles we are missing on a Sunday and how we could recreate them by Serving Church in our own Homes.

Church at Home-page-001.jpg

Black History Month

October is Black History Month!

Here are some sharable resources exploring the stories of some amazing Christians who served God and helped others whilst battling racism and prejudice.  Also included is a resource looking at some of the Black lives in the Bible.

Below you can find our resource on Justice which was first shared earlier in the year

What is Justice?

What is justice-page-001.jpg

Many of us are struggling to find the right words to respond to the global outpouring of pain and anger following the death of George Floyd. These are big topics to unpack and discuss with adults let alone children.

However, our God is a God of Justice and we are called to "walk justly" in this world.

Here is a resource exploring what the Bible says about Justice which I hope can be a helpful starting point for you.

The following links are to blog posts exploring how we speak to our children about race from a Christian perspective - and include useful links to other resources.

WendyClaireBarrie - Talking to our children about race.…/talking-with-our-children…/…

Christinevhides - Talking about race and racism with children.…/talking-about-race-and-raci…/…


Riding the Second Wave - Lessons from Joseph

lessons from joseph-page-001.jpg

Romans 12 v 12 says: Be joyful because you have hope. Be patient when trouble comes, and pray at all times.

As restrictions and rules tighten in the UK who better to learn from than Joseph, whose life was filled with ups and downs. I hope this resource strengthens and encourages you as we prepare to face this new season.

7 Days of Creation


Mini Packs for families with Toddlers

If you are looking for some creation themed resources to share these  exciting sheets are designed for families with toddlers to explore together.

We also love these free creation colouring pages available from

7 Days of Creations toddler sheets-page-
7 Days of Creations toddler sheets-page-
Summer Superheroes-page-001.jpg

We created these Summer Superhero sheets to help families fill the summer, click the left hand image to download a PDF of all 5 weeks.  Click the right hand image to download a bonus week ased on the life story of Joshua

Summer Superheroes - Week 6 - Joshua-pag

I can the pool

I can pray... in the pool!-page-001.jpg

I can pray...the weather

I can pray...the weather-page-001.jpg

I can pray...

a scavenger hunt


I can pray...a scavenger hunt2-page-001.

I can pray...

a scavenger hunt


I can pray...a scavenger hunt1-page-001.

I can pray...

a thank you prayer

I can pray...

a rock hunt

I can pray...all over my house!

I can pray...shapes

I can pray...a thank you prayer-page-001
I can pray...a rock hunt-page-001.jpg
I can pray...a house!-page-001.jpg
I can pray...shapes-page-001.jpg

Spiritual Circuit Training

Spiritual Circuit Training-page-001.jpg

Colour and Pray World Map

Colour and Pray map-page-001.jpg

Exploring the Bible

exploring the Bible-page-001 (1).jpg

Today I am thankful for...

Today I am thankful for-page-001.jpg

Handwashing prayer

Hand washing prayer-1.jpg
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