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Are there pancakes in the Bible?

Shrove Tuesday resource

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On the dusty road

Ash Wednesday resource

Together @ Lent

Love yourself through Lent

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Easter Trail

After the popularity of our Christmas Nativity Trail we have created this ten point Easter Story Trail.  There are once again versions with or without a QR code.  The code takes you to www.tath.co.uk/easter-trail where families can download a copy of the Easter Story.

Alternatively you might choose to add your own QR codes or church information to the posters.  You could also attach the sections of the Easter Story to your trail points for people to read as they take part.

If you are running the trail on  behalf of a toddler group you might prefer to use this version of the trail.  It contains slightly simpler wording and the trail points are not numbered so you can choose which parts of the story to include.  The more graphic images have been removed including the crown of thorns and Jesus' wounds.

Click here to purchase a set of our Easter stickers.

These come in six different colours and are just £5 for 96 stickers including postage.



Easter Story Egg Hunt

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This Easter Egg Story hunt was shared in Easter 2020, a new version suitable for use in your local area is coming soon!

This Holy Week Pack and the Together at Home materials below were produced for Easter 2020 - new versions will be released in 2021 as well.

  Holy Week Pack

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Mary's Perfume

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Emmaus Road

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