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Black Lives Matter

Many of us are struggling to find the right words to respond to the global outpouring of pain and anger following the death of George Floyd. These are big topics to unpack and discuss with adults let alone children.


However, our God is a God of Justice and we are called to "walk justly" in this world. As Christians and church communities we all have a role to play.  We've created a page of resources and links to help families and church communities as they seek to address and discuss racial inequality.


What is Justice

A Resource to help share God's heart for Justice with children

Thinking about race

7 changes to consider making to your Sunday School to address racial inequality

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October is Black History Month!

Here are some sharable resources exploring the stories of some amazing Christians who served God and helped others whilst battling racism and prejudice.  Also included is a resource looking at some of the Black lives in the Bible.

Black History Month Prayers 2021
Resource from Children Changing Nations


The following links are to blog posts/articles exploring how we speak to our children about race from a Christian perspective - and include useful links to other resources.

Parenting for Faith - Talking with children and teens about injustice


WendyClaireBarrie - Talking to our children about race.


Christinevhides - Talking about race and racism with children.

If you find any other useful resources please do get in touch and share them with us.


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