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A nativity trail is a great way to reach your community this Christmas, we've designed this printable nativity trail with space for you to add your own church details at the bottom.

If you are looking for advice on creating maps/setting up trails Nay Dawson has some suggestions on her recent blogpost.

Do get in touch if you need help customising the resources.

Click the images to download a PDF

Brand new free trail for 2022!

Option 1 - A brand new nativity trail based on the 5 senses!

Sensory Nativity Trail - with QR code-page-001.jpg

Option 2 - this version does not contain the QR code. 

Sensory Nativity Trail - no QR code-page-004.jpg

Option 1 - this version contains a QR code which links back to Together at Home and our "Print and Play Nativity"

There is also space to add your own church information.

Nativity Trail - with QR code-page-002.j

Option 2 - this version does not contain the QR code. Feel free to download the Print and Play Nativity and add a QR code linking to a copy on your own church website.

Print and Play Nativity

All the characters from the trail can be found on this printable resource.

You might like to print copies to share with people who complete the trail as part of an organised event.

Nativity trail - no QR code-page-001.jpg
Print and Play Nativity-page-001.jpg

Click here to download a word doc version, the QR code and images have been inserted as jpgs so you can edit without formatting issues.

Nativity Trail Poster-page-001.jpg

You can use this nativity trail poster to advertise your event.  We've left the bottom blank for you to add your own church details/logo etc.


You can now purchase a set of Nativity Trail stickers from our sister site

We'd love to know if you are hosting a trail this year so that we can be praying for you. Add your details here.

Thanks for submitting!

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