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Acts 2:46 
The believers met together in the Temple every day. They ate together in their homes, happy to share their food with joyful hearts.

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Together at Home was created in response to the COVID19 Pandemic, providing free resources for churches to use and share while we were unable to meet in Church buildings.


While we are no longer producing weekly packs and resources you can still find our materials here. We are working to edit the site so you can find what you are looking for, but please get in touch if you need help locating a resoure.

In 2020,  Jess who produces all our resources launched her new business, Foundationstones Resources, Do have a look if you are in search of Sunday School Syllabus and Resources for helping children explore the Bible.  

Find them at our sister site


All the 'Together at Home' resources are made by Jess - you can find out all about her on our new ABOUT US page.


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