Acts 2:46 
The believers met together in the Temple every day. They ate together in their homes, happy to share their food with joyful hearts.

While we are unable to meet in our church buildings we can still be 'Together at Home'.  We're providing free resources for churches to share with their families to help them explore the Bible and learn about God together whilst in their own homes.

Each week we're producing two packs that churches can share full of family activities, Bible study, prayer and printable puzzle sheets.  One of the packs is based on the readings of the Lectionary for those churches who follow the Lectionary Calendar.

There are also a range of other resources to help children and families connect with God and one another.


TatH - 24.01.2021 - The Wedding at Cana-
TatH - 24.01.2021 - Lectionary Based Res

Shrove Tuesday resource

Ash Wednesday resource

All the 'Together at Home' resources are made by Jess - you can find out all about her on our new ABOUT US page.


You can look ahead to see what Bible stories we will be covering in our Sunday Packs on our 



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In 2020,  Jess who produces all our resources launched her new business, Foundationstones Resources, Do have a look if you are in search of Sunday School Syllabus and Resources for helping children explore the Bible.

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In these difficult times we will need to help some of the families in our churches and communities to say goodbye to people that they love.

We have created a resource in two parts; one for children to spend some time saying goodbye and a second to help parents as they love and support their children in the midst of their own grief.


Many of us are struggling to find the right words to respond to the global outpouring of pain and anger following the death of George Floyd. These are big topics to unpack and discuss with adults let alone children.


However, our God is a God of Justice and we are called to "walk justly" in this world. As Christians and church communities we all have a role to play.  We've created a page of resources and links to help families and church communities as they seek to address and discuss racial inequality.

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Together at Home will be here for as long as churches need it, but we know that some churches are beginning to reopen.  We've created a new page to help and support those churches who are opening their doors once again.

Leaving Lockdown


TatH - 05.04.2020 - Lectionary based Res
TatH - 05.04.2020 - Lectionary based Res
A passage to unpack - Matthew 6 v 25-34-

All our Lectionary and Non-lectionary resources can be found on the SUNDAY PACKS page.

Our A PASSAGE TO UNPACK sheets are designed for older children to help them do their own Bible Study/Quiet time activity.

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The I CAN PRAY A RAINBOW resource has been so popular that we have been working to translate it into other languages. 

We also have lots of OTHER RESOURCES for you to download and share.

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